Online School Day 4

Today was my last day of online school. Today I have written a short narrative based on one photo and I found it fun and challenging. I also did 2 data sheets in math and I found that I got a lot done. I did the exercise sheet we made in day one. I am very exited to go back to school tomorrow and see all my friends and teachers in person.

Online School Day 1

My first day of online school has been really fun. I have enjoyed seeing my friends and teachers once again and starting another term. I feel like I can focus more when being in my own space with not as much noise. I have learnt about online etiquette and the do and don’ts  of online school. We made an exercise routine to do every day of lockdown since we don’t get much exercise in during online school. I am looking forward for another day of online tomorrow bye.

Writing Challenge Wk 5

Bang I awoke from my sleep got out of bed and went to look in my mirror but it was not there. I look around my hole room and  nothing was there but my bed. I walk outside my room and I was surrounded by leaves I could not believe my eyes at this point I feel like fainting. This is not right but I don’t know what to do  but then I hear it the voice it said  “Follow me and you will find the key”  “What key” I said in a worried voice. “follow me and you will be able this get out of this place” said the voice. I said yes because I really want to get out of this place. A note falls from the sky and it said “make your way through the labyrinth and you will get the key” ok that does not seem to hard.  After a while  of walking trying to find my way through the labyrinth I look around and realised that I am stuck!. Later on because  I was stuck I decided to play a game and it was a pretty good one despite the fact I was stuck. To be continued.

Writing Challenge Using Connectives!

Today I woke up and it finally looks like a nice day outside so I decided to go and take a walk outside in the forest. As I walk into the forest I see a small house it looks like there is know one in it so I walk closer. It is wooden and kind of looks like a cottage but I am getting hungry so i walk back home. The next day I decided to go back to the small house but there is someone in it I ask if they own the house the even though they said  yes but I don’t believe they seem kind of odd like they were not telling the truth. So then I go home and do some research about the house. At this point I feel like giving up but then I saw something it said that the house is abandon. So why is that lady saying that owned the house she could of said no then everything would be fine. So I go to confront her but she was gone so I guess we will never know why the lady said she owned the house when she did not.

Commenting Guidelines

Rating the comments from the most least helpful to helpful!

  1. Number 1 is not helpful because it uses a lot of slang words  and not all people would understand what she is trying to say.
  2.  Number 2 is not the best because it is a bit random but it has no spelling errors and is easy to understand.
  3. Number 3 is also helpful because it is easy to understand and has no spelling errors.
  4. Number 4 is not very good because it has a lot of spelling errors and id hard to understand and does not say who it is to.
  5.  Number 5 is really good because it has no spelling errors and no slang.
  6. Number 6 is not helpful because it is rude and has slang.
  7. Number 7 is not helpful because it does not say who it is from and who it is to.
  8. Number 8 is not the best because it can be rude but it has no slang and no spelling  errors.